Shaylee Mansfield

Shaylee Mansfield is making history in Hollywood as a young Deaf actress. Regardless of her age, it took a while for her to get there. At a young age, her favorite toy was not a doll – it was a camera. She filmed herself everywhere she went and every chance she got. Then her family and Shaylee began making videos for their YouTube channel ASL Nook inspiring millions to learn sign language worldwide. Her family has also been seen in one of Disney’s most watched commercials as well as Deaf Out Loud documentary produced by Jon Murray and Marlee Matlin.

It was not until Shaylee’s first acting break with Noelle, 2019 Disney+ holiday film starring Anna Kendrick, that she flew solo. Shaylee truly believed that it was a one-time thing because “Deaf roles rarely happen.” But then, she started booking commercials, TV guest appearances, and films. In 2020, Shaylee debuted in her first lead role in the Netflix’s hit film, Feel the Beat (2020) starring Sofia Carson. Thus, making her as one of the youngest Deaf actress to play a lead role.

That’s not all… Shaylee continues to shatter barriers in the entertainment industry by being the first Deaf person to be credited as a voice-over actress for a signing role with Dreamworks (2022). She said in an interview, “To be credited is a huge deal.. ‘Voice’ is not only for people who speak with their mouth. My hands and language are very much my voice.” Her next role, coming in 2023, will be with ABC’s TV show called The Company You Keep playing as Milo Ventimiglia’s niece.

Recently, she is gaining attention as a social media influencer enlightening the world of what it truly means to be unapologetically a Deaf girl. There’s no stopping Shaylee from pursuing her dreams – playing a suave princess, cunning villain, powerful Jedi, and starring in her own film/TV series. When she’s not working or advocating, she dives into a world of painting, drawing, and decorating.